NCA Session Payments, Payments for Use Quiz

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NCA Session Payments, Payments for Use Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 7 of the 13 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: After the work session, the producer must send payment to the performer within how many business days?
Question #2: What are the two levels of penalties charged to the producer for late payment of NCA sessions?
Question #3: Payments for NCA productions are sent from the producer directly to the performer (or his/her agent).
Question #4: In the NCA, there is prepayment, advance or “buy out” options available for commercials.
Question #5: A performer is entitled to be paid for use for a commercial that s/he performed in airs, even if the performance was edited out.
Question #6: A performer is paid for use within how many business days from the first air date of the commercial?
Question #7: A Background Performer does not receive payments for use in NCA commercials.
Question #8: During the same 13-week cycle for TV and Radio commercials, the more frequently that a commercial you performed in is aired, the more payments for use you will receive.
Question #9: For non-seasonal commercials, after how long after the date of production or the end of the previous paid cycle is a commercial deemed unusable/dormant?
Question #10: If the producer pays the performer a dormancy fee, how long is the commercial “non-dormant” for?
Question #11: A producer can automatically “reactivate” a dormant commercial without input from the performer who is in the commercial.
Question #12: Generally, a ACTRA member can be in Canadian television commercials from two separate banks airing in the same market at the same time.
Question #13: The producer must indicate prior to the audition and on the casting breakdown those products and services it views as product conflicts for television or radio commercials.