Get Involved in ACTRA Toronto Quiz

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Get Involved in ACTRA Toronto Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 7 of the 14 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: How does ACTRA Toronto communicate to its members?
Question #2: What social media account does ACTRA Toronto NOT have?
Question #3: What is a possible reason that ACTRA Toronto would create a specific committee?
Question #4: Which of these is NOT a committee of ACTRA Toronto?
Question #5: Committees are a great place for you to not just build your union, but to network with likeminded performers and build opportunities for yourself.
Question #6: The ACTRA Toronto member conferences are FREE to attend for any ACTRA Toronto member in good standing (which includes Apprentice and AABP members).
Question #7: In which months are the two Member Conferences usually held?
Question #8: At Member Conferences, breakfast, lunch and childcare are all provided to members at no cost.
Question #9: At past member conferences, professional development workshops have been led by which of the following?
Question #10: Member conferences are a great opportunity to network with friends and fellow performers.
Question #11: In which month is the ACTRA Toronto Awards usually held?
Question #12: Since the ACTRA Toronto Awards are free to attend for all ACTRA Toronto members in good standing, members don't need to register to attend.
Question #13: The ACTRA Toronto Awards honour outstanding performances or advocacy work by ACTRA Toronto performers.
Question #14: The only city parade that ACTRA Toronto takes part in is the Pride parade.