Safety and Harassment on Set Quiz

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Safety and Harassment on Set Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 8 of the 16 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Harassment and discrimination are a violation of the law and organizations that fail to take adequate steps to prevent and address harassment and discrimination may be held liable. This includes production companies and film sets.
Question #2: According to the Ontario Human Rights Code, harassment is defined as engaging ONLY in a course of vexatious conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.
Question #3: If a comment or conduct was offensive and demeaned an individual, but it was unintentional, it is not considered harassment.
Question #4: What is the first step to take if a performer believes s/he has been harassed to address the complaint?
Question #5: ACTRA Toronto offers anti-harassment training through its "Respect On Set" workshops.
Question #6: Capturing the perfect performance is more important than your safety on set.
Question #7: Which of the following is NOT part of being safe on set?
Question #8: Allergies and Medical Conditions make up the majority of all workplace injuries.
Question #9: Which of the following should you be aware of, especially when and where they will be used?
Question #10: The set is a great place to learn how to ride a motorcyle for the first time.
Question #11: Since animal actors are specially trained, you can approach them without supervision.
Question #12: A stunt is a performance that would be considered dangerous if not performed by someone with special training or is beyond a performer’s general experience or abilities.
Question #13: A production doesn't need to know about your allergies and medical conditions.
Question #14: If you sustain a small injury on set, you don't need to go to the hospital.
Question #15: If you find yourself sick or injured a few days after an incident on set, there is nothing you can do.
Question #16: If you are injured or become ill on set, report the injury to the closest AD and the crew Health and Safety Representative.