Set Rights/Responsibilities and Business Representatives Quiz

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Set Rights/Responsibilities and Business Representatives Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 8 of the 15 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: As an ACTRA member, which of the following is NOT one of your rights on set?
Question #2: A professional arrives EXACTLY at the call time.
Question #3: It's wise to bring valuables to a production.
Question #4: As an ACTRA member, your word is your bond – if you accept a booking, you’re committed to that production for the duration of the production day.
Question #5: As a performer on set, you don't need to tell anyone when you're going to the washroom. After all, that's private.
Question #6: When you accept a booking from your agent or the casting director, which of the following details must you know?
Question #7: Producers engage ACTRA members because they meet a standard of skill, training and dedication to their craft. As an ACTRA member, you are expected to be professional.
Question #8: What are ACTRA Toronto Business Representatives?
Question #9: What situation do ACTRA Toronto Business Representatives prioritize?
Question #10: Most problems on set can be resolved by talking immediately with a Business Representative.
Question #11: In the event of a disagreement on any performer-production issue, it is okay for a member to hold up production until the issue is resolved.
Question #12: When filing a complaint with a Business Representative, s/he will not reveal your name to the production as the source of the complaint.
Question #13: Since Business Representatives are ACTRA Toronto professional staff, you can only reach them during regular business hours when the ACTRA Toronto office is open.
Question #14: Business Representatives do not deal with performer upgrades or cancellations in the ACTRA agreements.
Question #15: What information do you need to give to a Business Representative when speaking or emailing them about an issue?