Work Permits & ACTRA Full Members Quiz

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Work Permits & ACTRA Full Members Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 7 of the 13 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: After how many credits can an Apprentice apply for Full membership?
Question #2: Apprentice Members do not have to purchase a permit to work on an ACTRA set.
Question #3: As an Apprentice member, how many credits does one qualifying permit count for?
Question #4: Under the IPA (which covers a bulk of film and television productions), how many consecutive calendar days on a project is one permit good for?
Question #5: Under the NCA (which cover the bulk of commercial productions), a permit is good for one day of shooting, no matter how many commercials a member shoots on that day.
Question #6: Permit fees are tax deductible.
Question #7: What are the benefits of being an ACTRA Full Member?
Question #8: Currently, what is time limit between joining the Apprentice Program and obtaining the final two qualifying credits to become a Full Member?
Question #9: Apprentices must apply for Full Membership at the time they purchase their third work permit.
Question #10: What is the Full Member initiation fee (less any permit fees paid as an Apprentice for qualifying credits)?
Question #11: In addition to basic annual dues, Full Members must also pay working dues. What percentage of gross earnings are these working dues?
Question #12: If you belong to the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA), you may join as an ACTRA Full member based on booking one qualifying engagement in ACTRA’s jurisdiction.
Question #13: Once you become a Full Member, you no longer have to pay for work permits to work in ACTRA’s jurisdiction.