Rate Your Financial Literacy

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Rate Your Financial Literacy
Question #1: I keep track of my income and expenses each month.
Question #2: I find ways to save money for things I want to buy.
Question #3: I have clear financial goals for my future.
Question #4: I think about my purchases before I buy them. I know what my priorities are.
Question #5: I know what to think about when choosing a bank account.
Question #6: I understand the details of the bank account and banking services I currently use.
Question #7: I understand some of the different saving and investing tools that are available to me.
Question #8: I understand the concept of compound interest.
Question #9: I know what the interest rate is on my credit card and how it is calculated monthly.
Question #10: I can figure out how much money I will actually pay for an item I buy on credit, including the interest.
Question #11: I know some ways to reduce my debt.
Question #12: I feel my math skills are strong enough to manage my money.
Question #13: I feel confident in my ability to manage my money.