Self-Employed vs. Employee Quiz

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Self-Employed vs. Employee Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 6 of the 11 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: For tax purposes, independent contractors are considered employees of the company they are providing services towards.
Question #2: Self-employed people are more likely to receive a weekly paycheque than employed people.
Question #3: As a performer, for tax purposes you are considered an employee of the film or television production you are working on.
Question #4: More control is generally exercised by an employer over an employee than by a client over a self-employed person.
Question #5: When a self-employed person receives a higher paycheque than an employee, the self-employed person automatically has made more profit.
Question #6: Self-employed people are less likely to supply their own tools and equipment than employees.
Question #7: Self-employed people have more freedom to choose their own working hours.
Question #8: Self-Employed people must register to collect GST/HST, unless they are small suppliers.
Question #9: CPP stands for:
Question #10: Self-employed persons must pay both the employee and employer portions of his or her CPP.
Question #11: Compared to employees, self-employed people have to be more vigilant about cash management to ensure they have funds available for tax remittances during tax season.