Get Involved in ACTRA Toronto Quiz

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Get Involved in ACTRA Toronto Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 9 of the 17 questions below (at least 50%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: How does ACTRA Toronto communicate to its members?
Question #2: What social media account does ACTRA Toronto NOT have?
Question #3: Information about voting on union matters will be communicated by email so it’s very important to keep ACTRA informed of your preferred email address and update it as it changes.
Question #4: What is a possible reason that ACTRA Toronto would create a specific committee?
Question #5: Which of these is NOT a committee of ACTRA Toronto?
Question #6: As an ACTRA Apprentice member, the only committee you can join is the Apprentice Caucus.
Question #7: Committees are a great place for you to not just build your union, but to network with likeminded performers and build opportunities for yourself.
Question #8: The ACTRA Toronto Apprentice Caucus makes recommendations to Council on issues of concern to ACTRA Toronto Apprentices, including work opportunities, respect on set, preference of engagement and relationships with talent agents and casting directors.
Question #9: The ACTRA Toronto member conferences are FREE to attend for any ACTRA Toronto member in good standing (which includes Apprentice members).
Question #10: In which months are the two Member Conferences usually held?
Question #11: At Member Conferences, breakfast, lunch and childcare are all provided to members at no cost.
Question #12: At past member conferences, professional development workshops have been led by which of the following?
Question #13: Member conferences are a great opportunity to network with friends and fellow performers.
Question #14: In which month is the ACTRA Toronto Awards usually held?
Question #15: Since the ACTRA Toronto Awards are free to attend for all ACTRA Toronto members in good standing, members don't need to register to attend.
Question #16: The ACTRA Toronto Awards honour outstanding performances or advocacy work by ACTRA Toronto performers.
Question #17: The only city parade that ACTRA Toronto takes part in is the Pride parade.